Awakening The Illuminated Heart - Essex, United Kingdom

This workshop presents information and experiences that have been transmitted verbally from teacher to student since ancient times  that are vital to remember to live in peace and joy.  We will explore Sacred Geometry, the Flower of Life, the teachings of the Mystery Schools, the Mer-Ka-Ba, the Sacred Space and Tiny Space of the Heart, and much more. 

We will remember how to enter the Sacred Space and Tiny Space of the heart as well as activating the natural Mer-Ka-Ba.   The workshop offers the life work of our beloved teacher Drunvalo Melchizedek who gave a body of ancient spiritual wisdom  from many schools and traditions. He weaved them together with scientific evidence to bring clarity and accessibility to even the most esoteric of the world’s great spiritual teachings ~ from the mystery schools of Egypt and Tibet, the Kabbalah, the Sufis, Native America, and more.

He gave the  tools to activate our light body, open our hearts, and elevate our consciousness into higher levels of existence.  In this workshop you will receive powerful teachings, activations and healings that once integrated, will expand and awaken your awareness of who you are at the soul level. This workshop is a life changing experience!


Essex, United Kingdom from May 24-27,  2018


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